precision has never been so convenient

The professional nail treatment system. Holding LACTUBE™ evokes a writing instrument and allows the fullest expression of the operator's professional ability and personality. The "simplest" nail health and beauty tool ever created.

Faster and more controlled gesture; content product use optimization.


By holding LACTUBE™ like a writing instrument, it allows the fullest expression of the operator's professional ability and personality.


An immediately uniform result.
The polish layer settles over the entire surface of the nail, covering each spot with equal thickness, avoiding transparency.


The bottle causes everything on the nails to be transferred to its interior. The contamination of the nail polish is due to the brush catching and inoculating everything it encounters on the nails, between multiple people's hands and feet, into the bottle. At the end of treatment, the tip is quickly cleaned or replaced.



How many more treatments can I do with a LACTUBE™?

What colors are popular and should I restock? Can I associate each application and each client with a specific product?

Efficient inventory and cost warehousing with the IOT systems each TUBE is equipped with.


LEB has chosen to use a single packaging material that is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, viz: Green
PE (polyethylene) bioplastic of organic origin, derived from sugarcane processing that maintains properties, performance and versatility. In addition, unlike traditional fossil-derived polyethylene, Green PE captures CO2 during its production instead of releasing it. It is the conscious choice for a cleaner world.


Can the bristles of the LACTUBE be reused?
The innovative bristles are designed for single use. For greater sustainability, they can be sanitized after each application at the end of the day. This is done by using liquid Cleanser to remove excess product, then placing them in an autoclave or high-sound apparatus.
How much does the cost of bristles affect salon service?
The bristles have a sustainable cost whose impact, on the final treatment, represents just 0.1 percent.
Can LACTUBE also be applied to other materials such as: gel, acrigel, acrylic?
Certainly, it lends itself well to adherence to other polymers, of the same line or with the same chemistry.
Can LACTUBE cure in UV lamps?
The formulation can be cured in both UV&LED technologies with different curing times.
How many treatments can be made with a LACTUBE?
With a single LACTUBE you can make, on average, from 30-35 applications, like a classic 15-mL semipermanent.
More references will be included in the LACTUBE line, such as the Builder Soak-Off?
Yes, the first upcoming reference is a fiber soak-off with which to do minor lengthening and to give structure to brittle nails.
Can Nail art also be made with LACTUBE colors?
With the LACTUBE line, it is possible to create from French Smile to more complex nail art, even being able to replace the bristles with dedicated tips.
With LACTUBE, where necessary, can an acid primer be applied?
LACTUBE products require no primer, with or without acids, because they are formulated to withstand different structural conditions while respecting nail health.
Can LACTUBE be removed with file or micromotor?
LACTUBE semipermanent is a Soak-Off system and as such was created to be dissolved with dedicated liquid.
When lifting the valve, to dispense the product, can air bubbles form at the outlet?
Air bubbles may escape on first use, but fully absorbed as the brush is passed.
How to tell if LACTUBE is completely finished? Possible waste?
The level of product is perceptible even to the naked eye. LACTUBE has the advantage of reducing waste by being able to slide totally, with finger pressure, to the bristles, boasting less waste than conventional glaze bottles.
Can the bristle lock ring̀ get stuck in the cap? If yes, how to avoid it?
The system that allows the bristles to be replaced - open | close - if not hooked correctly, until the click is heard, could create the unwanted jamming. In such a case, use a fine tip to pull the ferrule out of the cap.
What is the removal time for LACTUBE?
The Soak Off LACTUBE semipermanent needs 5 to 8 minutes to set. To speed up its removal, matte the Top Coat.
To create a French smile is it possible to help with nail art brushes?
For added comfort LEB has designed brushes of different sizes for creating perfect French smiles and more complex nail art. Stay tuned.
Is it possible to create a ridge, with the help of LACTUBE Top Coat?
It is possible to give some structure to the nails with just the help of Top Coat. In cases where more structure is needed, the use of the fiber base, soak-off, is recommended.
Is it possible to achieve a perfect blick with LACTUBE?
It is possible to create a perfect blick with LACTIUBE thanks to its viscosity and self-leveling power, which is useful for correcting natural nail imperfections, in addition to the extreme shine of its Top Coat.
Can LACTUBE Top Coat yellow or absorb colored substances, staining?
The formula designed for LACTUBE Top Coat prevents yellowing, thanks to the special anti-yellowing UV filter inside. It contains special molecules that create a nonpermeable barrier.